Linked List

Linked lists are important topics in computer science. The theory behind them is something that computer science students learn in classes like data structures and algorithms. I have created a linked list for you to study. It is fairly simple, but has the necessary methods to expand to it with a BubbleSort algorithm etc.

The following picture explains the idea behind a linked list.

Basically you have a list of these things called Nodes that are linked together. Each node is a bucket of sorts that contains a piece of data. A Linked List is a group of these buckets strung together one at a time. The head bucket is linked to the 2nd bucket, the 2nd bucket is linked to the 3rd and so on until you get to the tail bucket which isn't linked to anything.

Currently I am implementing the following methods on the linked list:
-addAtHead(Object) - creates a node and adds it to the beginning of the linked list as the head Node
-addAtTail(Object) - creates a node and adds appends it to the end of the list as the tail Node
-addAtIndex(Object) - creates a node with Object as its data and adds the node at the index
-addAtIndex(Node) - adds the node at the index
-deleteAtIndex(int index) - deletes the node at the index
-switchWithNext(int index) - switches the current index with the one right after it. This is used by the bubble sorting algorithm.
-printList() - prints out the whole LinkedLIst
-find(Node) - returns index
-find(index) - returns Node

To Do:
-Sorting by different algorithms(bubble sort, selection sort etc.)

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